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Gutterings are fixed to the fascia, wall plate or brick work of your house, just under roof level. The purpose is to collect the rainwater and allow it to run away down a gentle slope cleaning dirt out of the gutter as it flows to the down pipes and away.

What is a good quality guttering brand?

Well, there’s a lot of cheap rubbish on the market these days, often so poor that you will not even find the makers mark on it, and there’s no shortage of cowboys that will fit it badly as well.

If you’re fitting new guttering to your property the first place to start is to make sure It has a makers mark on it.

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What is the best guttering ?

Good quality PVC guttering is made from tough U.V. impact resistant plastic and will have passed stringent quality control so that all of the joints have a nice even pressure. This will ensure the gutter seals remain waterproof for years to come, and of course in the unlikely event of damage you can get spares and repair the guttering.

The best quality gutterings will posses the following characteristics:

  • Tough non brittle plastic, doesn’t snap when clipping the joints together, even in the middle of winter.
  • Loose gutter brackets, essential for expansion and contraction, a loose bracket allows for this without grabbing and holding the gutter itself.
  • Joints and unions that are tight to clip in and distribute an even pressure throughout the joint.
  • Fade resistant colour.
  • Good quality rubber seals

Guttering styles – common types and shapes

The most popular guttering styles are…

  • Half round
  • Square line
  • Ogee ( pronounced ‘Oh – Ghee’ )
  • Deep flow
  • Cast iron

Half Round Gutters

The most popular style, available in all colours and ‘cast iron effect’. Very long lasting profile and suitable for most household applications. No real negatives, the popular classic workhorse of guttering systems. W112mm x D52mm

New Gutters - Woking Roofers - Half Round Guttering

Square Line Gutters

A popular style, available in all colours, the most popular being white. A modern profile suitable for most household applications and with slightly higher flow capacity than ‘half round’ but more prone to suffer from dripping joints. W114mm x D60mm

New Gutters - Woking Roofers - Half Round Guttering

Ogee Gutters

Pronounced “Oh Ghee” This Style is FlowPlast’s own take on the Ogee style and has a very high flow rate and the largest Ogee section. Not a good match into old terrace house cast iron guttering’s however. Great flow rate, most colours and ‘Cast Iron effect’. Slightly prone to leaking joints in later life. W110mm x 80mm This profile is called ‘Sovereign’ in Polypipe’s guttering range.

New Gutters - Woking Roofers - Half Round Guttering

Deep Flow Gutters

The clue is in the name, often overlooked because of the slight increase in cost but a fantastic gutter. If you have a large house or need high capacity gutters this is a serious contender. Very long lasting, superb flow rate, most colours and cast iron effect. W115mm x D75mm.

New Gutters - Woking Roofers - Half Round Guttering

Cast Iron Gutters

Cast iron is immensely strong and long lasting. It also looks superb on traditional style properties. It represents the most expensive material for guttering but this quality system should last at least 50 years with the correct maintenance.

New Gutters - Woking Roofers - Half Round Guttering

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