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uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a rigid plastic material with sufficient strength and weather resistance to be used for external building work.

The main applications of uPVC are in window and door construction, in forming fascias, and in the making of rainwater goods.

UPVC cladding, facias and guttering, are a smart, low-maintenance and long-lasting alternative to timber.

UPVC cladding is used to provide weather protection for outside walls, protecting not only against dampness but also against the deteriation from sunlight.

Additionally, dirt can easily be cleaned from a UPVC surface compared with other wall surfaces, ensuring that they look new and well maintained for much longer.

Information Guide - Woking Surrey Roofers
Information Guide - Woking Surrey Roofers
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The Benefits of UPVC

  • Expert installation
  • Ventillation Facility
  • Aesthetically pleaseing
  • Easily maintained

Features and Benefits of UPVC Soffit

Ideally you would use Floplast UPVC Soffit which means that the product is supplied with the quality and product reliability to be expected of an award winning manufacturer.

In addition the UPVC Soffit should conform to a number of British Standards and come complete with industry leading guarantees.

The UPVC soffit boards will offer a blemish free, maintenance free solution as they are impermeable to weather and hence will not deteriorate or rot.

Roofline ventilation options are numerous with UPVC Soffit Boards ranging from the installation of disc Soffit Vents and Soffit vent strips to vented Soffit Boards.

As with timber, UPVC soffit boards can be drilled, screwed, pinned, and cut using suitable tools; however, unlike timber, they do not ignite easily so are more fire retardant.

UPVC Soffit Board Styles

There are a different range of styles of UPVC soffit depending upon the desired finish and application.

In a refurbishment project involving the replacement of old timber, plywood or masterboard type soffits, the plain soffit boards are the ideal solution. These multi purpose soffit boards are 10mm thick and come in a range of widths from 100mm (4″) to 404mm (16″).

If the board which is being replaced has ventilation strips cut into it them, then vented soffit boards would be the ideal solution to ensure ventilation to the roof space. These vented soffit boards are 10mm thick and come in a range of widths from 100mm (4″) to 404mm (16″).

In the case of a New Build project, whether this be a new section of roof or a complete build, the range of vented soffit will provide the ventilation to the roof space required by building regulations, and depending upon how the architect has decided to vent the roof space, will often provide the simplest and most easy to install solution.

In circumstances where the dimensions of the soffit is particularly wide, for example, in a porch area or where a ‘tongue and groove style’ effect is desired, the range of hollow soffit is the ideal solution.

As well as producing an attractive ‘cladding style’ effect, the hollow soffit should be easy to install as it is light in terms of weight.

All the styles of UPVC Soffit should come in 5m lengths as standard.

UPVC Soffit Colour Finishes

There is a range of colours of UPVC soffit boards in white and in 3 woodgrain finishes being golden oak, black ash and rosewood.

Guarantee and Fire Rating of UPVC Soffit

The UPVC Soffit Boards should carry a product performance and discolouration guarantee of 10 Years, and are class 1 fire rated under BS476.

UPVC Soffit Installation Guidance

UPVC vented and non-vented soffit boards should be fixed using two 40mm polytop pins at intervals of no more than 600mm for white boards and 400mm for woodgrain boards.

In the case of hollow soffit boards, these should be fixed with stainless steel cladding pins which are hidden by the ‘tongue and groove style’ effect.

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