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Removal Of Old Roof Covering

When your old roof covering is removed there are additional factors that come into play. In cases where torching or spray foam insulation has been used on the back of the original tiles, the cost of stripping them off can increase significantly.

Alternatively, you may find that a proportion of your tiles or slates can be reused on the new roof, or sold to a reclaimed merchant, which will reduce the overall cost.

Finding value in your roof like this only usually applies to clay tiles and natural slates due to their durability and colour-fast nature.

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Facias, Soffits, Bargeboards and Gutters

The elements that surround your roof such as facias, soffits, bargeboards and gutters can all add to the cost if they need replacing or repairing.

For items that are near the end of their life it might be tempting to put off dealing with them now, and try to eek out a few more years of use. However, be aware that while the scaffolding is up, it is far more cost effective to do the work at the same time as the roof covering instead of having to return in a couple of years, or whenever these elements fail.

Information Guide - Woking Surrey Roofers

The roof is the highest part of your property, spanning the external walls with the purpose of protecting the building and contents from the elements.
A roof will comprise of a weatherproof outer shell, with the inner layer providing insulation. The roof in its entirety is supported by a framework of timber rafters and beams.

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